A Transformative Reading:
Danielle Lloyd's Journey with Psychic Medium John Hughes

Stepping into the ethereal world as a psychic medium, my life's purpose has been to bring solace, answers, and healing to those seeking connection with their departed loved ones. Renowned internationally, I am humbled by the opportunity to share the extraordinary experience I recently had with the remarkable Danielle Lloyd. In this blog post, I invite you into the depths of our reading, where the veil between the physical and spiritual realms was lifted, delivering profound revelations and guiding Danielle on her unique path.

Unveiling the Extraordinary

As a psychic medium, my journey has been one of exploration and honing my abilities to serve others. Over the years, my work has been recognized on national television and featured in prestigious UK newspapers, shining a spotlight on the incredible gift I possess. Channeling energies, delivering personalized messages, and providing peace to those in need are the hallmarks of my craft.

Discovering Danielle Lloyd's Essence

Danielle Lloyd, a prominent figure in the public eye, rose to fame as Miss England in 2004 and subsequently as Miss Great Britain in 2006. Yet, her true essence extends far beyond the superficial. During our profound reading, I delved deep into Danielle's soul, unraveling the layers that make her a uniquely beautiful individual—both inside and out.

The Power of Connection

In a video testimonial, Danielle graciously shared her experience, recounting the awe-inspiring accuracy of the reading. I unveiled intimate details about her life that no one else could have known, leaving her astounded by the depth of my insights. Even more astonishingly, some of the predictions I made during our session had already begun to manifest in her life, igniting a sense of wonder and amazement.

A Gentle Presence

As a professional psychic medium, it is essential for me to create an environment of comfort and tranquility during readings. Danielle spoke of my calming nature and genuine authenticity, which helped her feel at ease throughout our session. This connection fosters trust and allows the energies to flow freely, enhancing the spiritual experience and facilitating the reception of profound messages.

Messages of Healing and Guidance

During our reading, I had the privilege of delivering messages of comfort and guidance to Danielle from her departed loved ones. Serving as a conduit between realms, I transmitted these invaluable insights to provide solace, closure, and clarity. The ethereal whispers that pass through me carry the essence of profound love, offering guidance to navigate life's intricate pathways.

Danielle Lloyd's recent encounter with the spiritual realm through my abilities as a psychic medium has left an indelible mark on her journey. Our reading unveiled hidden truths, evoked emotions, and shed light on her path ahead. It is an honor to witness the transformative power of these experiences, and I am humbled to have played a part in Danielle's quest for understanding. For those seeking connection, guidance, or healing, I am here, ready to extend my gifts and serve as a guiding light on your own spiritual journey.

About John

John Hughes, Psychic Medium, is one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums and has been practicing the art of mediumship for well over 40 years, and is the founder of the ‘We Are Namaste’ group based in the West Midlands UK.

John's Gift

John's great great grandmother was a Psychic and through the Victorian times she traveled the country performing at town halls.

This precious gift has passed down the generations of John's family and he is able to use this gift to connect with departed loved ones and find answers to the questions people so desperately seek

Years of experience

John has travelled extensively around the world in a career including the USA, all across Europe, Australia and many others lending his unique intuition and guidance to people who need it. This includes many onscreen and sporting personalities and celebrities.

Your Spiritual Guide

Every one of John’s Psychic readings are personal and connected with you. He can assist you in finding inner pease, tranquility, plan for the future or explain unknown situations in your life. He is your spiritual guide and mentor, there to support you throughout all the challenges that this life can bring.


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